Freeze Monsoon with Fantastic Flavours

Scream for the best ice creams that are made from fresh fruits, dry fruits, milk and sugar. Relish your cravings and chill out with your dudes to beat the heat overhead. We make ice creams without any artificial ingredients or preservatives in more than 50+ fantastic flavours. Our products include richer, creamier ice creams, milkshakes, kulfis, sorbets and also sugar free ice creams for diabetic and health conscious customers.

Tasting our heart-freezing flavors that come as delicious scoops of happiness, every Ice cream lover will eventually say "Can't get over it"

Belgian Bites

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Guava Glory

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Asli Alphonso

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PaniPuri patakha!

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Roasted Almonde

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Apsara Ice Cream Manufacturing Process


Boiling Milk

The fresh buffalo milk is boiled till its volume becomes almost half. This also increases the fat %, which lends that rich creamy feel in your mouth.



The boiled milk is then passed through a high pressure homogenizer, which basically breaks down the fat globules in the milk so that they do not separate and form a cream layer in the boiled milk.


Preparing The Mix

The homogenized milk is then cooled, and the fruits / dry fruits/ chocolates/ sugar are added at this stage as per the recipe of that flavour.



This is most important step where the icecream is actually prepared. The icecream mix is churned in the freezers, which introduces air into the mix(called "overrun") while simutaneously lowering the temperature.Our icecreams are at 25-30% overrun(commercial icecreams go up to 50%)



The icecream which has been freshly prepared is then put in the hardening room, where its temperature is quickly brought down to -40 degrees. It ensures there are no ice particles are formed, and increases the overall shelf life.


  • It's an awesome place to have non artificial flavored ice cream with multiple flavours which is near by my house wakad.

  • Best ice cream maintaining balance between flavor and sweetness.. simply great

  • Excellent place. I visited the outlet near Wakad pune. Awesome Service, Good taste and new options are out of the world the guava is magic. The outlet is well maintained it’s clean. The people are great too.

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