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How We Make Our Ice Creams

1. Boiling The Milk

The fresh buffalo milk is boiled till its volume becomes almost half. This also increases the fat %, which lends that rich creamy feel in your mouth.


2. Homogenizing

The boiled milk is then passed through a high pressure homogenizer, which basically breaks down the fat globules in the milk so that they do not separate and form a cream layer in the boiled milk.

3. Preparing The Mix

The homogenized milk is then cooled, and the fruits / dry fruits/ chocolates/ sugar are added at this stage as per the recipe of that flavour.

4. Churning

This is most important step where the ice cream is actually prepared. The ice cream mix is churned in the freezers, which introduces air into the mix(called "overrun") simultaneously lowering the temperature. Our ice creams are at 25-30% overrun (Commercial ice creams go upto 100%)

5. Hardening

The ice cream that has been freshly prepared is then put in the hardening room, where its temperature is quickly brought down to -40 degrees. It ensures that no ice particles are formed, and increases the overall shelf life.

Our Process

Our Customers

Apsara Ice Creams - Can't Get Over It
Sushil Bhatt
Apsara Ice Creams, Takshila
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Apsara ice cream parlor offers you unique flavours. They always try to experiment. I got to know Apsara ice cream was the first to start making ice cream in " Sancha". Also they were first to come out with roasted almond and sugar free variant. I tried blueberry cheesecake and orange apricot both of these were great. A must try if you are fed up with regular flavours and want something new.
Abhinav Ganguly
Apsara Ice Creams, Wagholi
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Really good quality ice creams. Especially the flavours are amazing. I've tried, Kesar pista, Belgian bites. They were wonderful. I usually get the family pack tubs. Shopkeeper is really good and kind. Very friendly chap. Must try their ice creams if you love good quality ones and variety of flavours
Anshul Augnivansh
Apsara Ice Creams, Kondapur
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I love sugar free ice creams and Apsara offers 6 different flavors of them. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every flavor. The guy at the parlor was very soft spoken and made us try all the flavors before serving. Simple, clean and tidy place to enjoy sugar free ice creams without any guilt!
Neha Gupta
Apsara Ice Creams, Kalwa
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On one of our long drives from Thane to suburbs we spotted Apsara Ice cream right on the main road and we immediately stopped. The place had my favourite brownie blast in stock. Which I was very glad for .. Good service. Neat and tidy spaces. Must visit.
Priyanka Upadhyay
Apsara Ice Creams, Vapi
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The decor of the place is beautiful. The staff is very polite and well - behaved. The quality and taste of the ice creams is top notch. The price is super reasonable. Highly recommended place for ice cream lovers.
Champions Purav
Apsara Ice Creams, Vile Parle East
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Apsara Ice-cream a very old ice cream joint serving in Mumbai since 1971, recently Apsara has made some upgradation in its range of Ice cream flavors as it has added some new flavors which has worked in its favour, Belgium Bite a new flavour which Apsara added recently into its menu, I tried it and it tastes Yumm, you just can't resist without eating the whole 500 grams tub, and I did the same. Belgium bite has become like a Signature Flavoir For Apsara Ice creams. I highly recommend Belgium Bite and Trnder Coconut at Apsara Ice creams.
Apsara Ice Creams, Andheri West
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We visited the legendary brand - Apsara & can’t get over how creamy, natural & delicious their ice creams tasted! The Funky Ferrero, Blueberry Cheesecake, Guava Chilli, Kesar Pista ice-creams are truly irrestible flavours. They also have some unique flavours like Pani Puri, Crunchy Chikki & so much more. Their service is quick, hassle free. Also, their ice creams are super affordable with great quantity. We highly recommend visiting them to fulfil your sugar cravings!
Apsara Ice Creams, Rajarajeshwari Nagar
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In apsara ice cream they are providing natural ice creams in good quality and surrounding are very clean.
Apsara Ice Creams, Mulund West
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Uniqueness about this is they serve this chilling sorbet icy scoop icecreams in actual pani puri topped with Sev and Bundi..before trying this make sure you dont have any tooth sensitivity..bcoz you might take directly one gulp of it..Its worth trying.. Also I tried Pineapple Cranberry..lill original fruits and sweetsome scoop...lovely... Do try various other flavours..if you wanna go for unique flavours try MOSAMBI. I recommend to visit this restaurant and try it.
Anand Ramaswamy
Apsara Ice Creams, Chembur
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Guava Glory Ice Cream Amazing concept of having ice cream with masala. Reminded me of the hundreds of times all through my childhood when we had guava with the same masala salt.

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