About Us

Way back in 1971, when ice cream was still a commodity meant for the elite, Mr. Nemchand Shah guided by his early customers, ventured into the business of ice cream making with one motto – 'To make ice creams using fresh fruits/dry fruits, milk and sugar'. Without using any artificial ingredients or preservatives, he created ice creams manufactured in wooden contraptions called sanchas. Such was the origin of one of the most premium ice cream brands of South Mumbai – Apsara Icecreams.

Since that humble beginning in 1971, when there were just three fruit flavours of ice creams produced, Apsara Icecreams today has come a long way with an amazing range of 50+ flavours. All still made in the good old fashioned sanchas. The ice creams are richer, creamier than other commercially produced ice creams. And packed with the natural goodness of fresh fruits and dry fruits.

Today, with a factory to meet the ever growing demand of our customers, and to boost the growth of the brand across multiple outlets, Apsara Icecreams has a wide range of products in its portfolio – from its iconic sancha ice creams, to milkshakes, kulfis and sorbets. And we also have a sugar free range of ice creams for our diabetic and health conscious customers!

Our Team

  • Nemchand Shah – Director

  • Jayant Shah – Director

  • Keyur Shah – Operations Manager

  • Kiran Shah – Brand Manager


Nemchand Shah – Director

The pioneer of the concept of fresh, hand-churned "sancha" ice creams. Way back in 1971, when ice cream was a commodity meant for the wealthy few, Mr. Nemchand Shah, guided by some early customers, ventured into the niche segment of hand-made ice cream making with just one motto – "To use the best fruits / dry fruits, milk and sugar" and create authentic ice creams.

He has been involved in perfecting the recipes of different fruit varieties and also developing the brand's business through the early 80s. He is now joint director of the company and looks after the production and quality control.

Ice Cream Making Process

The first step to make a tub of yummy Apsara Icecream is to boil the milk to a thick creamy consistency. This gives the ice cream a rich creamy base. After all, well begun is half done!

Next, the boiled milk is passed through a homogenizer, where high pressure pistons break down the fat globules in the milk so that they are dispersed throughout the milk. It ensures the cream does not start separating from the milk and the texture becomes smooth and continuous.

The fruits, dry fruits and chocolates are added at this stage. The proportion of each ingredient is optimized to create that perfect balance in every bite. This is basically the "ice cream premix" which is now ready to be turned into delicious ice cream.

The next stage is the most critical, and also one of Apsara's specialities! The churning of the ice cream mix in the sancha. The slow rotations ensure that just enough air is introduced in the mix to give the icecream its structure, without making it too fluffy.

And voila! A batch of fresh, premium sancha ice cream is ready to be packed and sent to our outlets for our customers to enjoy!